Aksigorta’s artificial intelligence-based digital assistant ADA’s 2019 figures

Aksigorta launched the artificial intelligence application ADA (Aksigorta Digital Assistant) in April 2018 and announced that it has carried out 3 million successful transactions in 2 years. Aksigorta Information Technologies and Digital Deputy General Manager Metin Demirel, ada in 2018, while managing 30 different business transactions in 6 departments, currently 8 different departments, more than 70 business process is carried out by The Island, he said.

Indicating that 1 million transactions were carried out in the first year, Demirel said that at the end of 2019, a total of 3 million transactions were carried out with ADA. Demirel stated that they make insurance easy, lean and accessible with digitization, and that operational efficiency and customer satisfaction have increased thanks to ADA.

By transferring well-defined jobs to artificial intelligence, employees are turning to more value-added jobs, Metin Demirel said in a statement:

In the meantime, Demirel’s recent development of business processes using artificial intelligence will be emphasized. Demirel also said that they are continuing their research on integration with other insurance processes using artificial intelligence capabilities such as the Internet of Things, visual recognition and speech synthesis.  The ADA is planned to be the company’s biggest helper in all processes in the near future, using all artificial intelligence components and other technologies integrated with them.

Aksigorta and ADA stand out as one of the best examples of artificial intelligence use integrated into business processes in the insurance sector. Considering that insurance companies are projected to save $390 billion in artificial intelligence in the sector by 2030, we can say that other companies in the sector will start working faster for adaptation.

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