Ajurlu Knitting Models Youtube Video Narrated

Knitted knitted models with blinds can be knitted in different ways with crochet and skewers. The other name of this knitting model is mesh knitting. We are here with our youtube video article of knitted models with blinds that can be used in neck braces, scarves, vests and summer shawls.

In the past, knitwear-wearing sweaters were very fashionable. We started using it. We’ve shared it with you before. The blinds in that model are different from the ones in our knitting video that we share with you today. You can choose mercerized ropes for this model, which you can use in summer pareo models.

You should pay attention to the calculations when knitting. You should pay attention to the reductions and reductions so that the knitting does not expand or shrink gradually. You can see other details in our video below.

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