Airbnb begins social media scan to see if guests are psychopaths

One of the biggest fears of many people who make their home available to Airbnb is undoubtedly the psychopath who will stay at home. Because renting a room in the house to someone you don’t know requires courage at some point, and there are people who won’t open their house to Airbnb when it’s convenient. Airbnb, however, now aims to avoid this problem with the software it has purchased in recent years.

The platform acquired a trooly initiative founded by Anish Das Sarma, Nilesh Dalvi, Savi Baveja in 2017. This initiative has been blocking fake shares for Airbnb since 2015. Confirming, viewing, and estimating reliable relationships and interactions, Trooly will scan and analyze potentially dangerous guests using the Airbnb app. At this point, let’s note that airbnb can scan online sites, including social media, to identify features against credit and identity checks and to “protect third-party databases”. So the work done is not against the law, and Airbnb has the right to investigate individuals.

Trooly is presenting multiple reports on people he considers suspicious. These reports contain information such as whether a person has psychopathic tendencies and whether he has been involved in crimes before. All of this is used to measure whether a guest’s personality is compatible and appropriate to rent a property, and is part of the process of creating a “reliability score”with artificial intelligence affected by the excess of other factors.

Let’s note that the company uses predictive analysis and machine learning to instantly evaluate hundreds of signals to identify and investigate suspicious activity before it takes place.

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