After Seat Renovation

Who wouldn’t want to renovate old seats? With a few different changes you will make, you can not throw your old seats in the basement or trash and use them again.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful recycling project that Ms. Nefise has published on the recycling projects channel. The aim of this project is to renovate the old seats. We have published this wonderful project of Nefise, who reused and refurbished her seats in the basement, on our handcrafted hobbies site for you.

Nefise lady who had the upholstery upholstery paid a total of 1500 TL for 500 TL for the flooring for 500 TL for the paint, for the 3-tool flooring. It could have cost less if he’d done it himself. Let’s learn the clues from Ms. Nefise’s network;

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