Adjust Global App Trends 2019 Report

The number of mobile phone subscriptions has surpassed the global population. By putting that into numbers, it’s 7.9 billion connections for the world’s population of 7.7 billion. Mobile technologies and services generated more turnover than ever before with $3.9 trillion, and advertising spending in the mobile sector came in first with $188 million — the highest ever.

These extraordinary figures are included in the Adjust Global App Trends 2019 report, which will be released along with new data discovered by Adjust. Our new metrics include last year’s latest mobile app trends and performances, and combine data analytics with the views of industry’s leading experts.

The report was created using data from the 1,000 of the most successful apps on the Adjust platform. This data set covers 7 billion installations and 120 billion sessions and paints a unique picture of app trends in 2018.

This year’s report includes setups, sessions, retention data, and, first, Growth Index. This growth index covers the rise of high-success apps such as Mid-Core games and video streaming.

As we mentioned in the report, we have seen mid-core games grow extraordinarily in 2018. Mid-core games became the fastest growing vertical with a score of 18.52 in the Growth Index. In addition, Mid-core games are one of the most addictive apps compared to other apps, with an average of three sessions per day. This is the second most session-taking app after Dating apps that receive much more engagement than games.

We’re not just focused on verticals. We’ve found dramatic trends in Southeast Asia by countries: the region with the world’s fastest growing markets, such as Indonesia and Malaysia — but you should download our report to see the real figures.

To see mobile app trends, engagement and app retention data, and in-depth data about the performance of your own app, please download adjust global app tends report 2019.

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