According to their turnover, Turkey is one of the 100 largest companies in the internet ecosystem

Fast Company,which we can count among the most important magazines in the world, has now been published by Rauf Ateş in Turkey. The magazine, which recently met with readers in its first issue, has content that stands out, especially in turkey, as well as the original edit. We can say that the most interesting of these content is the list of companies that stand out with their turnover in the internet ecosystem in Turkey. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find such a list properly. It’s either necessary to examine more than one resource, or the information in the available resources is outdated.

However, Fast Company conducted a feverish study in preparing this list and obtained this information from multiple sources, sometimes from the companies itself. Let’s also underline that the names on this list, especially e-commerce companies stand out, consist only of companies with internet revenue.

According to a statement by Fast Company, some of the data on this list was taken from the companies themselves. For some, investors, consultants and entrepreneurs supported it. Sources such as Similiar Web have also been referenced. However, after all data was checked from different sources, it was delivered to the end user.

Let us also remember that the “Turkey Internet 100” research was carried out for the first time. Because companies generally may not want to share their turnover data, and accessing this information can be seriously difficult. Several companies are avoiding announcing turnovers. Some don’t share turnover because they find it meaningless; instead, it is appropriate to grow or give customer figures. However, this type of research is being done all over the world. In 500 major company research, some companies’ turnover is very high for tax or similar reasons, and their profits can be extremely low. That doesn’t stop them from being at the top of the list. And when the assessment is based on turnover, it’s inevitable.

Fast Company says market value is another important ranking criterion and it is more difficult to get that information. However, the company aims to sort companies according to market values in its research next year.

Let’s not extend the word any further and take a look at the biggest companies in the Turkish internet ecosystem, which is from high to low compared to their turnover.

Nesine is at the top of the list with a turnover of over 6.5 billion TL. Trendyol, 5.5 billion TL – 6.5 billion TL turnover of three companies come up as Trendyol, All here and Google. At this point, e-commerce companies are starting to become functional. N11 and Peak Games have turnover between TL 5 billion – 5.5 billion TL, while companies with turnover between TL 4.5 billion and TL 5 billion are Facebook and Bilyoner. Online betting sites, e-commerce sites and global internet companies are able to say that companies competing in the first place on the basis of turnover in Turkey are able to say.

GittiGidiyor’s turnover is between 4 billion TL and 4.5 billion TL, while Yemeksepeti stands out with its turnover between TL 2.5 billion and TL 3 billion. Ebebek and EPTTAvm are included in the turnover scale of TL 1.2 billion and 1.5 billion TL. The number of companies with turnover between TL 1 billion and TL 1.2 billion is slightly higher than others. This category includes Gram Games, Owner, Obilet, Morhipo, Musk and Modanisa.

Companies with turnover between TL 750 million and TL 1 billion sefamerve, and Bring, while companies with turnover between 600 and 750 million TL are enuygun, and second new. Companies with turnoverbetween TL 500 million and 600 million TL are announced as Ciceksepeti, BiletAll and Netflix.

Companies between 400 and 500 million TL have a turnover as follows; Get there,,, Where, Cheap Tickets, Companies with turnover between TL 300 million and TL 400 million are announced as Avansas and Sanalpazar.

Companies with turnover between 250-300 million TL linkedIn, OtelZ, Mynet, Bitaxi, Gezimanya, while companies with turnover between TL 200 million and 250 million TL are Borusan Eta Logistics, Vivense, Opsgenie, Pear, Scotty, Insider and Garajyeri. In the meantime, let’s remind you that Garage’s and Rentiva are united under the roof.

Companies with turnover between 150 and 200 million TL are as follows; Odamax, Glovo, Iyzico, Vacation, Otelmax, Papara, Gardrops, Lidyana. Glovo is currently not active in Turkey, but this data is listed because it has 2019 data. Companies with turnover between 100 and 130 million TL are Cabinet, Garage Basket, Supplements, Gezinomi, Aero, Crane, Ucakbileti, Thin Account and Banabi.

Companies with a turnover of between 75 and 100 million TL; Modacruz, Sovos Foriba, Healing Market, Book Select, Connected2, Where To Where, Turkish Money, Oley, VCount, Passenger360, Seagull,, Birebin, Gamegos Games. Companies with turnover between TL 50 million and 75 million TL are Moov, Maçcolik, Commencis, Kitapyurdu, Hopi, Rare Book and Holiday Showcase.

Companies between 40 and 50 million TL with turnover are PayTR, Wedding, Last Offer and Babylon, while companies with turnover between 30 and 40 million TL are Narcade Games, Enocta, Webdenal, Onedio and United Payment. Finally, companies between 20 and 30 million have a turnover, including Ininal, Hotelrunner, Dekorazon, Apsion, Practical Processing and Alotech.

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