A hotel in Japan offers $1 accommodation for sleeping live on YouTube

In Japan, a hotel called Asahi Ryokan used an extraordinary method to attract new customers. Tetsuya Inoue, 27, who runs the hotel, owned by her grandmother, opened one of the rooms live on YouTube.

Inspired by a British traveler who came to the hotel to broadcast live from the hotel, Inoue said the hotel was old and therefore needed a new business model. Inoue, who said the hotel is located in a cheap neighborhood, decided to increase the value of the hotel by doing something special for everyone to talk about.

Inoue, who puts room 8 of the hotel live on YouTube, receives much less than $1 per night from those who want to stay in the room. Guests staying in room 8 are streamed live on YouTube during the stay.

Although they have agreed to go live on YouTube, the privacy of the guests is also being taken into consideration. In addition to the lack of cameras in the bathroom, there is no sound on the air. In this way, guests can perform phone calls or conversations in the room in a confidential way.

For now, we can say that the hotel continues to lose money in room 8. However, as the popularity of the YouTube channel increases, the hotel will be able to buy ads for the channel. Add that one dollar hotel, which currently has more than 5,000 subscribers, has received close to 5,000 views on its videos.

If you are not afraid to go live on YouTube while sleeping like other guests, you can choose Asahi Ryokan when visiting Fukuoka, Japan.

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