98 million TL fine from the Competition Authority to Google

The competition agency today announced the conclusion of an investigation into Google Advertising and Marketing Ltd., Google International LLC, Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited and Alphabet Inc.

The competition board announced that it had issued a 98 million TL fine to Google with a document published on its website. In the pre-information section of the site, the Competition Board states:


If you remember, in December last year, the competition board fined Google and the rumor that Google would not support Android devices in Turkey had dropped like a bomb. At the time, in the face of the 93 million TL penalty, Google issued a statement saying that they would comply with the laws in Turkey and that they did not intend to withdraw from the country.

When we look at the description text of decision no. 13.02.2020, 20-10/119-69, we see that Google has been judged unanimously that it dominates the general search services and online shopping comparison services markets.

Likewise, the text states that Google has decided unanimously that it violates Article 6 of The Law No. 4054 by making it difficult for rival enterprises to disrupt competition in the shopping comparison services market by putting its competitors at a disadvantage in competition.

The text follows:

The document also includes steps that Google must take to end the violation and ensure the establishment of effective competition in the market:

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