6 remarkable robots introduced at CES

In addition to autonomous vehicles and techno-beauty products introduced at CES this year, robots also met with intense interest from the participants. The event introduced a range of products, from home-type robots to waitress robots and even robot pets. We share with you the most noticeable of these products.

The Samsung Ballie is the size of a small tennis ball and serves as a robot assistant, sensing users’ needs and jobs in their homes. Working with artificial intelligence, Ballie helps users by using sensors and the data it collects. Let’s add that Ballie can connect to smart devices at home and easily route them.

Robot manufacturers use cute faces in their majority designs to eliminate people’s fears of robots. BellaBot, produced by PuduTech, is one of the most adorable examples of this with its disparate facial expressions. BellaBot is positioned as a waitress robot and has 4 trays on site. BellaBot, which has different delivery options, uses positioning, navigating and planning algorithms. BellaBot can carry 120 small plates, 39 large plates and 33 bowls.

Lovot, short for Love Robot, is positioned as a new generation of pets. The CES 2020 Innovation Award was selected by Lovot, Groove X. Lovot, which is produced to produce a solution to loneliness, can find its place especially in far eastern culture. Lovot, which stands out for its appearance between a teddy bear and an owl, encourages her to cuddle with its soft body. Autonomously following residents in the house with the top 360 hole camera, Lovot can also tell if someone is touching him thanks to the 10 touch sensors on him. LOVOT, which also has an app, can take photos of users and create an album, act as a baby monitor, and patrol the house.

MarsCat, developed by Elephant Robotics, was designed as a pet just like LOVOT. Noted for its true resemblance to itself, MarsCat is completely autonomous and responds to interactions. Like LOVOT, MarsCat can feel touches and can play with toys beyond being able to hear sounds and see faces. Finally, let’s add that MarsCat is powered by the Quad-core Raspberry Pi.

Produced by Agility Robotics, Digit is designed for use in factories or industrial areas. Two Digits are used by Ford Motor Company for storage and delivery. Digit, a two-legged robot, is very powerful with its upper body, arms and sensors. Digit, who stands up when he falls with his arms, can hold hands, open doors and carry things. It’s worth noting that Digit can lift up to 18 kilos of weight.

Leveraging NVIDIA GPU technology, the T-HR3 is also known as Toyota’s innovation robot. Introduced at CES 2020, the robot can move its body effortlessly, unlike Digit, with its advanced synchronisation system and master maneuvering system. However, the system we’re talking about is controlled by a person using a VR header. The T-HR3, which can collect data on augmented reality videos and data, includes NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX Xavier.

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