6 Do-It-Yourself Ideas with Old Cossacks (Bag, Beret, Gloves…)

 Instead of throwing away your old sweaters, you can do one of these beautiful do-it-yourself ideas. With its decorative appearance and soft structure, remove your old sweaters, which you can evaluate for covering your belongings, making accessories or decorative purposes, and start practicing the idea of your choice!

Take an old sweater; Measure your foot and cut two pieces of the sweater. After cutting the sleeves of the sweater as long as you wish, sew the sleeves of the sweater into the base parts that you have cut. Finally, get a better look by crocheting the edges.

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How about turning your worn sweater into a pair of soft gloves? After removing the shape of both hands from the sweater, cut both sides of the sweater together and sew the cut pieces together. That’s it! Now you can decorate your gloves as you wish.

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You can create a decoration idea suitable for the winter months by pasting a piece of your old sweater on to your old butjur or lamp.

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You can also try pasting pieces of old sweaters to refresh your old pots.

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After removing the cushion part of the worn chairs, stools or puffs, you can staple the piece from your sweaters with the help of a furniture staple. So your furniture will be refurbished and you will evaluate your sweater!

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How about pillowcases you’re going to make out of sweaters? You can create decorative pillows from your old sweater that will keep you warm in winter by cutting two pieces to match the size of your trimmings and sewing them together.

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Deeply cut the shoulder parts of an old sweater. Similarly, cut the collar so that you form a deep U, then cross the edges with the sewing machine. Your bag model is ready, ideal for everyday use!

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You can make boot leggings, which are very fashionable this year, from your old sweaters. You can evaluate the increased arm parts when applying the above beautiful idea. Cut off the arms of a sweater and sew the edges: that’s it!

Cut two semicircles and one rectangular piece from an old sweater to match your head size. After sewing two semicircles together, sew the rectangular piece in the middle, make a bow and sew it onto your beret.

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