50 Felt Bookmark Models

Felt is one of the most preferred materials in do-it-yourself projects. Because with felt, a lot of things can be done in the easiest way. Bags, shoes, slippers, home boots, headbands, hats, bookmarks and more… With easy to make, cheap and fast felt today we have prepared inspiring designs with felt bookmark models.

We’ve told you in our previous writings. We also talked about the simplest, the basic bookmark model, the felt bookmarks with bows under our video, and the bookmark models with animals and figures, the ones with and without ropes. We also mentioned that felt bookmarks have some rope models that can be passed around the entire book, preventing the book from opening and crumpling the pages in it.

In our gallery you can see 50 felt bookmark models that we have chosen from the most beautiful models. Within these models, we shared a very different style of examples.

Categories:   Felt, Handicrafts