4 Different Ladybug Designs to Decorate Your Garden

For those who have a garden and those who enjoy decorating the garden, we have very nice and heartwarming ideas. If you don’t have ladybugs in your garden, then you can place your own ladybug designs in your garden. You can make ladybugs with different ingredients. Whether you’re moulding with cement, using stones, or even using bowls of golf balls and kinder surprise chocolates, you can make ladybug designs. We’ve explained how you can do each one for you individually.

Ladybug Design from Cement and Ceramic

– Pour the cement prepared into a semicircular bowl, after it has dried slightly, remove it from the mold.

– Draw portions of the ladybug as shown in the picture on it.

– Break a ceramic into pieces and start dying in suitable colours and pasting it on to the drying cement.

– After you have finished completely, switch over it to a transparent polish.

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Ladybug Design from Golf Ball

– Paint the golf ball in ladybug patterns and colors, as in the picture.

– Don’t forget to leave a white circle space for the eyes.

Golf Topundan Uğur Böceği

Ladybug Design of Stones

– Find stones that look smooth and smooth.

– Draw on these stones the pattern that reveals parts of the ladybug, as in the picture.

– paint them with oil or gouache paint in appropriate colors.

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Ladybug Design with Kinder Surprise Chocolate Pots

– Cut the containers of kinder surprise chocolates in half.

– Draw ladybug patterns on each one.

– Paint the sections in appropriate colors with oil or gouache paint.

– You can place it on the large leaves in your garden.

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