3D Triangular Wrap Construction

A model of crochet and 3D triangular wrap. If you want to make knitted shawls and know how to crochet, you can easily do triangular shawl.

Today’s example is the triangular shawl model. It’s also called a 3D triangular shawl model. The model is made with crochet. We’re going to share with you how to make this sleuth. This triangular shawl, which is broadcast edited by Ms. Emel, is a model that can be done easily by those who know how to knit.

The 3D knit shawl model will be very suitable for bridal bundles and dowry chests on wedding dresses. If you have a daughter or relative who is to be married, you must make this shawl. You can also make and sell these shawls.  We shared a beautiful model in his article. The difference between the model we are sharing now is that it is a 3D triangular shawl.

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Watch the triangular wrap video below and learn how to do it. Prepare your tea or coffee and start the video. Learn how to make this magnificent sleuth.

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