3D Intersecting Lines Knitting Model

Recently, one of the most weaved knitting models of 3D knitting intersecting lines we share the knitting model.

Lately, ladies have started knitting 3D-looking knits. Because it looks more elegant, the number of models made with this knitting has increased. And as long as they do, women who don’t know 3D knitting want to learn. As a handcrafted hobbysite, we have shared models from this knitting technique before and we take care to share them when new models come out.

You can use the 3D-looking intersecting lines knitting model that Ms. Nesrin has published on Nesrince Braids channel for all weaves, large or small. Nesrin madam, who explained the details of the weaves that intersected with a short video, created the model in the form of 6 stitches and multiples.

The number of stitches of our model is 6 and multiples. You can leave a noose to the beginning and end. You can use this knitting in any knitting you want, big and small.


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