36 Size to 40 Size Vest Construction

The construction of a women’s vest that is comfortable from a size 36 to a size 40. If you are in these bodies range, you can start knitting from this vest immediately.

It belongs to model Meral Kurnazca. It’s comfortable from a size 36 to a size 40, 3.5 size fog, two ropes, angora gold. Prevents 80 stitches at the back 142 stitches are all knitted as well. But i did stitched because there were so many stitches. Tell me the back. 2 side pat 16 stitches 2 straight 2 reverse pat surge then immediately increased to 1 node. I knitted 38 stitches 2 straight 2 reverse. I knitted 39 and 40 noodles together, and we’re missing it here. Then web the hair 30 stitches and then knit 2 nooses together again. 38 stitches 2 straight 2 inverted and 1 art 16 stitch par knit always cut 10 nodes at 32 cm after the same armpit 6 noose continued to pat side.

I didn’t do the bidding from here. I kept cutting there, node. After 40 clans, I continued without interruption. The seat game prevents 20 cm. 82 stitches again explodes 16 stitches 50 stitches 2 straight 2 reverse pats after knitting the first noose together. One noose before the other patta arrives, and the armpit shaved here for the collar cut. aYRICA 14 Cut the noose and continue cutting the other stitches until there are 40 stitches from the edge of the arm. No increase is too complicated to come easy recipe.

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