3/3.5 Knitting Vest Construction for Age

Making knitted vests for children 3/3.5 years old. We share a beautiful vest model for your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews to make money.

This vest model, knitted with a number 3.5 skewer, is taken from the elaydi_knitting page. You can knit it with number 4.
2 yumak Snowball baby one rope and 5 buttons.

We’ll start with 47 stitches. We knit 14 rows, 2 straights, 2 inverted last, last noose, 3 straight. Now let’s set the model 2 straight 1 inverted 1 straight 1 inverted 1 straight 3 inverted 5 straight 2 inverted 12 noose y burmese we are knitting. 2 inverted 5 straight 3 inverted 9 straight. That’s how we go under the arm. Y burmese every eighth grade. We’re repeating it in the order. 10. Y after knitting the burmese, cut 7 nodes on the underarm side and two are left in the back. Reverse the next one straight and continue. When we get to the front, we’re going to cut a node every time we come in the front row. We continue to do so until there are 24 nodes left in the nodes after the side bursts. We’re going to have to cut 23 rows of patterns and cut the edge up to pat on the front and continue the edge until there are 6 stitches. For an 8/10-centimeter collar, and let’s cut it out.

Button hole 10. next in the 30th. 50. 70. We open it during ’90.

Let’s start with 86 stitches and knit 15 rows, 2 straights and 2 inverted. Then we’ll knit 88 rows straight up to the bottom of the arm. Now let’s cut 8 stitches under the arms. We’re knitting the remaining 60 nodes 46 rows.

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