20 tips to make your life easier when using an iPhone

Since2007, Apple has been keeping a stand out with its iPhones, which it has updated every day. Smartphone users who prefer Android generally have “iPhone anti-semitism,” but someone who has used an iPhone at some point in their life does not want to return to another device in any way. However, rising iPhone prices have been about to change that perspective lately.

So for those of you who won’t stop using iPhones, we’ve listed tips on how to use iPhones more effectively, which stand out for their speed and easy use.

1- You can easily search for anything on your phone.

Swiping your iPhone screen down the middle activates Spotlight Search. You can also search for any file or setting on your phone from this search bar and even get web results.

2- You can use the search bar in Settings for more detailed searches.

To access the search bar, open the Settings app and swipe it from top to bottom. Now you can type any setting you’re looking for. Given how big the Settings app is, manual search makes it much easier to search for a specific preference or app.

3- You can customize your settings specifically for each person in your guide.

Go to your People app, click on who you want. Then click Edit, and then click Ringtone or Text Tone. From here, you can choose between an Apple-made ringtone or text tone to play when that person calls or texts. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow this feature to be connected to any music service. That’s why your options are limited to Apple ringtones.

4- You can use your iPhone as a magnifying glass.

Go to Settings, then Public, then Accessibility and click Magnifier. From now on, you can use your iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass. All you have to do is press the main button three times after you turn on the Camera, then you can read as many small text as you want.

5- You can edit notifications without even unlocking the phone.

If you receive a notification, press it or swipe to the right of your lock screen and click Manage. From there, you can request that future notifications be sent quietly or turned off completely.

6- You can search for a song on Apple Music by lyrics.

If you’re looking for a song and don’t know its name, but you know the lyrics, just type the lyrics in the Search tab on Apple Music. Since we know that Apple has the Shazam app, it’s worth noting that this is not a surprising feature.

7- You can change your settings so you don’t get disturbed while driving.

“Don’t Disturb While Driving” mode can be activated by going from Settings to Don’t Disturb. With this feature on, your phone will switch to Do Not Disturb mode if it detects that you are in the vehicle after it has crossed a certain speed limit. Notifications, text, and phone calls are instantly silenced; there’s also the option to send a pre-written reply to let them know that you’re on track and will be back soon.

8- You can instantly switch between a traditional keyboard or a one-handed keyboard.

This feature will be useful if you need to use the phone with one hand. Open any app that uses your keyboard and hold down the Emoji or Globe icon in the bottom left corner. From here, you can choose to use a one-handed keyboard on the left or right side of the phone.

9- You can make a regular phone call with free FaceTime Audio.

FaceTime Audio is Apple’s alternative to traditional phone calls. Click on someone you want to call and if FaceTime is available, click the phone icon next to the video camera symbol. FaceTime Audio works over the Internet through WiFi or cellular data, which makes a clearer sound than traditional phone calls. Also, if you search via WiFi, it’s a free way to make an international call. You can also make calls via WhatsApp.

10- You can turn your phone into a flashlight without unlocking your iPhone.

When you wake up your iPhone, you’ll see a flashlight icon with a button in the bottom left corner of the lock screen. When you click on the icon, your phone will use the rear flash as light.

11- You can teach Siri to give you a nickname.

Activate Siri by holding down the side button on your iPhone and say, “Call me ____ from now on.” That way, you’ll have your own name.

12- If Siri mispronounces a name, you can correct it.

If Siri misspells someone’s name, you can teach them the truth. Siri will say it now, “Ok, ___ how to pronounce the name?” you can say the name aloud by clicking on Siri’s playbutton. He’ll list the words he thinks are right for you, and you can choose one of them.

13- You can search for your photos with words.

If you like a cat and are trying to find your photo with it, open your Photos app, click the Search tab at the bottom right, and look for any words that can identify your photo, such as “cat.” All the photos you have taken with cats will be sorted.

14- You can activate Low Power Mode at any time.

Access the Control Center and click the battery icon to activate Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode does a lot of things you probably won’t notice, especially if it has a big impact on your battery life.

15- You can create shortcuts for emoticons or repeat emojis frequently.

Open your Settings app, click Public, Keyboard, and then Change Text. If you click the plus sign in the upper right corner, you can make your own shortcuts. So if you like to use the crying smiley emoji, but you’re having trouble finding it among hundreds of available emoji, you can create a shortcut that calls it when you say something like “mrb.”

16- Take more symmetrical photos with the grid feature.

Open your Settings app, click camera, and activate Grid. This will also create a plus sign grid.

17- You can use Siri to find your AirPods.

Activate Siri and say “Find AirPods,” and Siri will recommend playing a loud tone from your wireless headsets.

18- You can turn off feedback from app stores.

Open your Settings app, click on iTunes and the App Store, then find the setting that says “In-App Ratings and Reviews.” When you turn this off, you will no longer receive any feedback.

19- If you need to measure something, use your iPhone.

With iOS 12, each iPhone now has an app called Measure that uses your camera to give you an idea of the distance. The measurement application is not always accurate, but it is useful if you don’t have a tape measure nearby. Just open the app and create start and end points for what you’re trying to measure by touching your finger.

20- You can mute any message you want.

Open the Messages app, find any conversation you’re trying to silence, and swipe left. Click “Hide Alerts.”

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