2 Skewer Fan Booty Model Construction

We shared all the details about the construction of the fan booty model with 2 skewers. Those who want to knit booties with 2 skewers can knit fan booties.

The paths are used in winter. Now that the winter months are here, how about knitting booties? Many of you may have knitted it by now. A lot of people keep thinking about what model I’m going to make when they’re knitting booties. You don’t have to think about it or waste any time. Because we shared the best ni for you. From here, you can choose a model and start knitting immediately.

We share narrative booty models in video. Because video samples are more popular and desired. Let’s talk about the example of a fan booty that is easy to make and 2 skewers are shared in the blue weaves channel. You won’t get sick if you step on this booty instead of stepping barefoot on the floor of your house. This model, which we can also call home shoes, will protect your feet from the cold.

Instead of booties that are shared everywhere and the way they look so simple, I recommend different booties to my visitors. If you’re going to make a very nice booty at the end of your efforts, even if it makes you work. It’s worth the path you’ve put in.

The fan booty model is one of the examples that can be labored. You can see the construction and recipe of the path in the video about the skewer work.

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