2.7 million new mobile games released in 2018

The mobile gaming industry, which is becoming more and more popular, continues to grow rapidly. App Annie, who analyses mobile apps and games, has publisheda new report on the performance of mobile games. According to the shared report, 74 percentof the cost spent in app stores in 2018 was spent on mobile games.

Let’s add that 95 percentof the expenditures for mobile games are in-app expenses and 5 percent are for paid games.

Games account for 33 percentof mobile app downloads made in 2018. According to the report, we spend 10 percentof our time playing mobile games with a smartphone. According to information shared by App Annie, mobile game interaction increased by 10 percent compared to last year.

According to the report, more games and apps are downloaded through Google Play, but more money is spent through the App Store. According to information shared by App Annie, 64 percent of spending on mobile apps is spent on the App Store.

A total of 2.7 million games were released last year, according to the shared report. Of these games, 1.6 million were available through Google Play and 1.1 million via the App Store. Users’ habit of spending money in-store increased by 15 percent compared to 2017.

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