150+ needle point towel edge models

You can see the beautiful needle point towel edge models in our gallery. Examples of needle point models 2018 motifs can also be found.

are the most elegant, aesthetic and difficult of all lace mesh models. Needle point models that are suitable for hoop or writing edges, handkerchief edges, and all the cover edges, including tablecloths, are best suited. These elegant motifs are not easy to make. For this reason, needle work is made on the edge of the most special dowry towels. Apart from special towels called guest towels, souvenir towels also use the towel edge of the needle point.

They are the most preferred motifs in the stalls made with leaf and flower needles. The most widely used motif after flower motifs is the shapes. Geometric shapes, such as a triangular black rectangle, are often preferred at the edges of towels. Tree branches, tree motifs take their place in the most colorful forms and needle point motifs. In towel edge needle point models, colors are chosen according to the towel. If the towel is white, you can work the vote in any color. However, if the towel is in shades of red, blue, green or brown, then color tones should not be selected to suffocate the light towel.

You can see dozens of kinds of motifs together in our gallery prepared for those looking for different needle point towel edge samples. When examining the needle point models, you can see which color towel slot slot is more suitable and which colors are most preferred in white towels. you can compare thin motifs and thick motifs and examine the characteristics of the models selected according to the thickness of the towel. Large and thick needle points are not suitable for thin guest towels. Suitable for thicker hand towels. However, you can also choose such large ornate models on tiny hand towels that are only used for hand drying if you like. you can also find examples of needle point towel edge models on youtube.

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