100+ Most Popular Cross-Stitch Etamin Seccade Models

Schematic etamine prostrate samples give us all the necessary information both in terms of motif and construction. On these beautiful long evenings, the ladies spend most of their time handcrafting. Each of the hand-crafted eye-watering souvenir prostrates is decorated with special motifs. We have combined our 100 different etamine prostrate models and diagrams for you. You can understand how it’s done, its ropes, colors and details by examining the samples in our gallery at the bottom of the page.

Etamine prostrate models are decorated with many different motifs as well as floral designs. Schematic models are the easiest to make. Apart from flowers, tulips, mosques, trees, branches and geometric shapes are the most widely used motifs in etamine prostrate samples. The ground material of handcrafted etamine prostrates, i.e. cross-stitch prostrate samples, is also very important in the motifs. It is necessary to choose rope according to the ground material, needle thickness and rope color.

Etamine prostrate samples with dark background spherers and constructions are different from thick fabric. Light colors are used in these prostrate models. Dark colors such as red green are not used. You can get different ideas by examining the beautiful schematic etamine prostrate models in our gallery.

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