100+ Cross-Stitch Kitchen Towel Models

Cross-stitch kitchen towel samples are one of the indispensable décors of stylish kitchens. These stylish and handy kitchen towels can also be given as home gifts for new brides. Hand-made eye candy is recommended for those who want to give home gifts.

The etamine kitchen towel template consists of similar motifs. The most widely used template includes cute utensils, pictures of food and beverage motifs. It is easy to handle because it is simple and easy motifs. You can also make examples of etamine kitchen towels that you can finish in a very short time by sewing etamine cloth on the classic towel. It is also possible to use the etamine cloth as a kitchen towel.

For kitchen etamine models, you can choose motifs such as leaves, flowers, cups, plates, apples, pears and strawberries. It also attracts a lot of attention, such as Merve’s kitchen or Ayse’s. Try to choose the white ones for these towels, which are included in the samples of the etamine kitchen set. You can use colored motifs more comfortably on white-floor towels.

With 100 different cross-stitch kitchen towel models, you can see the template of many in our gallery.

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