10-Year-Old Boy’s Old Watch Renovation Project

We share with you the project to renew the old watch shared by 10-year-old Edanur Başaran in the recycling group.

Today, children are addicted to the Internet and phones. You can enable your children to engage in educational activities to contribute to their education. you can direct children who are addicted to the internet and phones to handcrafted. In this way, you can not only remove children from the virtual world, but also contribute to their development.

Edanur Basaran, who shared the project to renew the old watch in the recycling projects group, showed us a very good example. He got a very nice watch, and instead of the Internet and the phone, he went through a different endeavor.

Our little brother, who adorned an old watch with seashells, got a very cute watch. With the help of glue, he decorated the watch with seashells. Thousands of people in the group received the appreciation of this sharing, dozens of people wrote positive comments. Usually the commentators asked him to continue his projects like this and congratulated him.

Let’s take a look at the pictures of our little brother’s project. See how sweet the watch has become.


Eski Saat Yenileme 1

Eski Saat Yenileme 2

Eski Saat Yenileme 3

Eski Saat Yenileme 4

Eski Saat Yenileme 5

Eski Saat Yenileme 6

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