0-4 Month Old Baby Vest Roba Numbers and Construction

We share the roba numbers and construction of the vest model for infants between 0-4 months. If you have a baby in these months, you can start knitting from this vest.

Elaydi Knitting is dazzling again. The baby vest she shared on her instagram page has received a lot of attention. We would like to thank our friend who gave us information about roba numbers and the construction of the vest. We shared below the number of vest making for 0-4 month old babies.

I think the narratives would be better in this shape. You don’t get confused because the number of stitches is given in detail on the roba, and you know how many stitches you’re going to throw.

0 / 4 month old baby knitted
1 yumak nako elite baby
Color number 6712
I knitted it with a size 3.5 skewer.
5 buttons

Your vest is the finished carpet. I told you about roba in the previous picture, now we knit 4 rows straight and start the model, 6 edges, 3 stitches straight, 3 stitches one and cut 3 stitches out of it, 9 straight, continue this shape, reverse mesh behind. We repeat this every 8th place… Easy to come by

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